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Hi, I’m Bre

Your resident Religious Trauma Coach and Ex-Christian Cult Member

I’m an ICF trained and trauma informed coach (ACC Candidate) who works with folx to help them move past toxic Christianity/religious blocks so they can have it all in life – whether that’s healing past ancestral wounds, intentionally and consciously parenting your kids, reparenting your own inner child, making confident decisions, losing the shame you feel about your body or sexuality….or something else.


I utilize a method of pure coaching alongside my signature 5A Process, that honours YOU as the person on the journey with all the answers. I help you UNCOVER them and dive into awareness, authenticity, acceptance, ancestral healing and finally, taking aligned action for your life!

We work together for 3-6 months and beyond to break old paradigms and brainwashing so you can live the life of freedom and purpose you were put on this earth to live!

Aisling Robinson, Genius Code Activator

Having Bre as my biz bestie has been a game changer, not just for my business but for my life. Having that incredible and dedicated support as I built my business has made the difference between whether I even continued in business or not. Her friendship and empathy was equally matched with her skill, knowledge and ass kickingness!

If anyone knows how to build a community of knowledge and unwavering support then Bre is the one to do it.

Kennethia Shalon, Freedom Facilitator

I’ve been working with Bre for a while now. She is such an amazing coach. I mean, I cannot even. Like she has got me moving. I was so stuck. I just knew I needed to do or wanted to do all these big things. And I just needed the, like the practical things, and the coaching and the how to, to get me an action.

I’ve definitely worked with her one-on-one, which I highly recommend. That individual attention is second to none. I mean, she’s just so good. She really is. Bre can help you get moving and get you making some money and helping people, which is what we all want.

So if you’re on the fence, jump off and jump in because Bre is amazing and you will not regret working with her.

Ceci Washington, Mindset Coach

Bre has been amazing to work with! Her accountability is second to none! She is incredibly supportive when you need her and so reliable. Bre knows exactly when I need a push! She also has an amazing knack for digging in to your intuition and guiding you in the right direction! Her soul and strategy together really bring out the best in you! You won’t be disappointed when investing in to Bre.

Ashley Smith, Visibility Badass

Working with Bre changed my business! I now have a clear message and really clear direction. I busted through a huge limiting belief and we did that through Voxer. So if you think, Oh, I’m not going to get anything from that, with Bre you absolutely can.

All the steps that she gave me gives me so much confidence!

Just being able to be confident in the investment I made in myself and my business with Bre. That’s a huge game changer for me. I love working with her. You absolutely need to as well.