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We are a full service agency that helps you step even more powerfully into doing what you love while your content, marketing and back end of your business gets handled by a team of experts.

This is for you if you’ve been struggling to do all the things yourself, you honestly can’t do it all effectively anymore and you’re looking for one place to get all your outsourcing done!

Were you sold at “full service”? Fill out the form below!

Are you feeling like:


You’re struggling to grow your visibility?

You’re unsure how to warm up potential leads in the DMs?

You’re so busy running the business, you don’t have time to actively engage with new people?

You’re struggling doing all the things alone and want to outsource in order to scale?

But, how you really want to feel is:

  • Well-rested and confident
  • Confident to scale to 5 or 6 figures
  • So good about the marketing, content, management and help you have outsourced
  • Blessed to have the amazing conversations in the DMs that are leading to sales or bomb connections

When you work with The Agency, you aren’t JUST going to have more time.  We know you’ve heard that song and dance before, so here’s what you can look forward to from our Agency:

  • having the peace of mind that your business is in good hands, growing, scaling and helping you to show up even more powerfully
  • spending more time with your family and friends, going on those vacations you only used to dream about, lavishing on your loved ones without worrying about money and feeling that freedom you’ve always craved
  • gaining even more flexibility in your life and business, having actual balance in your work/life situation and being able to take your weekends off when you want or a day off impromptu to spend time with your people
  • finally having the freedom to no longer have to do everything yourself and gaining financial and time freedom to do what you love more
  • social media management (everything from simply repurposing content to taking it all off your hands)
  • Instagram engagement to warm up your audience to buy your offers, including lead generation and metrics tracking
  • admin and virtual assistance (email management, community management, repurposing content in other ways/formats, customer service, workflows, backend business help)
  • curated hashtag lists for your content
  • Pinterest management (account creation, optimization, management including graphics creation and growing your visibility through pinning)

So who are we really?

We are a group of amazing subcontractors led by Bre Hamilton, Small Audience Biz Expert.

The Agency was started out of both a dream and a need.  Bre was offering done for you services alongside her mentoring and ended up with a booked out service within a month of launching it. She realized she needed to bring on people to help her manage the ever growing workload.  An agency where people could come to one place to get all their done for you services was always something she had dreamed of!

She quickly hired two amazing subcontractors with experience in the online space and The Agency was born.

The Agency strives to create an environment that serves and supports both the subcontractors, who are often undervalued and underpaid, and the clients who are struggling to manage everything on their own.  It is a family-oriented environment, where clients and subcontractors alike are treated with the utmost respect, love and support.

We value honesty, integrity and a commitment to the client experience here! 

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our amazing clients have to say:

This is for you if:

You’ve been trying to do it all yourself

You honestly just can’t work on/in your business effectively alone anymore

You KNOW it’s time to hire help

You’re looking for one place to get all your outsourcing done

What We Offer:

paid in full bonuses offered

Save 5% when paying for 3 months

Save 10% when paying for 6 months

Save 25% when paying for one year

payment plans offered



Opportunity to bundle services and save


Who is working on my account/business?

A subcontractor that works within the time zone you’ve requested and has the expertise based on what you are looking for services in will be assigned to your account.  You will, however, be communicating directly with Bre or her business manager on all things during onboarding and afterwards if you have any questions or concerns.

Do I get Voxer access to The Agency?

Yes, this will be the primary means of communication you will use.

How do I know what to expect when working with The Agency?

During the onboarding process, you will receive emails and a guide to the client experience.  We will outline the hours of operation/communication, how long to settle a concern, what to expect while working with us, and clear expectations on what you can expect us to do or not do in any situation regarding your specific services.  If you ever have questions, you can just ask!

What if I have concerns?

Anytime you have concerns, you have access to Voxer at all times to run issues or problems through the Agency.  You will be communicating with Bre or The Agency business manager. We take all of your concerns extremely seriously and anticipate making immediate changes to ensure your client experience is nothing but stellar!

What if I pay in full and then want to add a service to my plan?

If you pay in full for 3, 6 or 12 months and then decide to bundle your services, you will still receive the bundle discount and what you have already paid will be applied to the full price with the bundle discount.  You are always welcome to adjust services with The Agency at any time.

If you’re ready to dive in and feel that peace, clarity and freedom, fill out the form below and someone from The Agency will reach out within 48-72 hours.

We can’t wait to be a part of your growth!