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The ultra-affordable monthly membership program for the spiritual entrepreneur who wants to provide an incredible life for her family.


This is for you if you’re so ready to convert clients with EASE and launch in a way that actually feels good! If you want to connect with an incredible community of other like-minded women looking to achieve similar goals, you’ve found your space.


Are you feeling like:


You’re totally alone in your entrepreneurship journey?

You don’t have anyone to turn to with questions?

You’re isolated?

You’re putting out content and getting crickets back?


​You’re confused and OVERWHELMED by hashtags – you know they’re important but how many, which ones are right, how they will get you followers??


You’re frustrated because you feel you’re putting in the work and don’t have ideal clients following you?


You’re scared of or unsure how to use stories or the DMs properly and don’t want to appear spammy?


You KNOW you can help more people but are LOST on how!

When I first started a business in the online space, I felt SO ALONE.  I had no coach, no biz bestie, no support system and the people in my life really had no idea what I was doing and couldn’t support me or hold me accountable the way I needed!

When I started using Instagram, it was a complete mystery! How do you beat the algorithm? What do I put on my feed? What should I do on stories? Video or not video? And the list goes on and on. That’s only ONE platform too!

I didn’t know how to attract people to my page and I didn’t know how I could use it for business! Does this sound familiar?

Soulful Strategy the Membership is exactly the program I wish I would have had when I was first learning how to navigate IG and market and grow my business. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on the ‘should haves’, such as “you should have a website and a complete branding package”, and just focused on things like growing real relationships with people and showing up authentically which brings sales.  More like this later! These are just a few things you’ll get in Soulful Strategy the Membership!

Soulful Strategy the Membership is going to leave you with the tools and knowledge you need to feel confident in your business and Instagram strategy and start crushing your business while having the support and accountability you’ve been craving!

Imagine If:

  • YOU FELT FULLY SUPPORTED – you had a biz bestie to run to with questions, you had a coach to guide and advise you, you had a community of other women to help you grow your business
  • You didn’t feel alone and had a community to go to with questions and concerns about running a business, raising babies and businesses and your struggles and frustrations
  • You never had to search for a hashtag again
  • You had weekly accountability and support
  • You bounce into every quarter knowing exactly how to market your business, utilize Instagram and grow your sales like a BOSS!

Sign up TODAY for the membership!

Don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what my clients have to say:

Bre has been amazing to work with! Her accountability is second to none! She is incredibly supportive when you need her and so reliable. Bre knows exactly when I need a push! She also has an amazing knack for digging in to your intuition and guiding you in the right direction! Her soul and strategy together really bring out the best in you! You won’t be disappointed when investing in to Bre.

-Ceci Washington

Having Bre as my biz bestie has been a game changer, not just for my business but for my life. Having that incredible and dedicated support as I built my business has made the difference between whether I even continued in business or not. Her friendship and empathy was equally matched with her skill, knowledge and ass kickingness!

If anyone knows how to build a community of knowledge and unwavering support then Bre is the one to do it.

-Lizzie Emery

Hey! I’m Bre, and I created Soulful Strategy the Membership (SSM) because I know how difficult it can be to truly crush it on Instagram and in business.  I know it can be so hard when you are feeling confused and lost, not knowing how, where and when to show up.  I know that you sometimes feel like nobody is listening.  I know what it feels like to feel alone!

This is exactly the membership I wish I would have had when I was first learning how to navigate IG and market my business on there. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on the ‘should haves’ like needing to have a website or having a million followers.  Honestly none of that matters but PEOPLE do and that’s why I’m  focused on relationships, support, accountability and being myself.

My mission is to help as many women as I can escape the overwhelm and not worry so much about the algorithm. I want to help them start making real connections and growing their business even with a small audience. I want to give them the support and accountability we are all craving!

Only $99 monthly

This is an ongoing membership which gives you monthly group coaching from Bre, a guest expert each month, a private FB community for that support and accountability you’ve been craving, a vault full of hashtags to get found on Instagram, over 10 trainings already in the membership when you join, monthly goal setting workshops AND much more weekly and monthly!

The Breakdown


  • Hashtag vault with over 500 hashtags already and 100 hashtags added each month and consistently updated
  • Monthly group coaching by Bre
  • Monthly guest expert
  • Private community for support and accountability
  • Weekly accountability
  • Monthly planning sessions
  • Quarterly goal setting
  • Bonuses to be added customized around what you are needing THE MOST help with right now!

Just in case you’re not convinced yet:

Want Even More Support?


OPTION 1: Monthly 1:1 coaching call, 1 hour

only $299

OPTION 2: Monthly 1:1 coaching call, 1 hour PLUS Voxer access

only $599

VIP access offered:

Everything in the membership plus….

Voxer access

1:1 call with me monthly

My eyes on your biz

Personalized coaching​