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Does this sound like you?

  • You want to leave your 9-5, but you are struggling to make consistent income in your biz (or are stuck with just an idea and haven’t made the leap to start one yet)
  • You’re legit just super confused about IG and using it as a tool to market and grow your business
  • You aren’t showing up as a leader and you might even be confused as to what that looks like
  • You don’t feel like you have a strong business foundation
  • You’re not making strong connections that lead to sales

When I was first building my business and craving freedom and time with my kids, I spent SOOOO many nights after they were asleep crying (or crying in the shower)….so I know that feeling deep down in your soul that there is MORE than this!

I was running around with NO foundation in my business at all, strategy was just a fancy word and intuition and mindset were wayyy too woo for me HA!

I had no idea who I wanted to work with or why and it created a ton of instability in my business.

NOW? I know exactly who I want to work with and impact, the struggles they’re facing and how I can help them get from where they are to the dream life they’re envisioning.

This shift in my business helped me go from making $0-150/month to hitting consistent 4 and 5-figure months in sales!


introducing soulful strategy the membership

A 12-month mastermind that’s a mixture of GROUP & 1:1 support from a HIGH-TOUCH coach who’s fully available to support you and who’s done the things you’ve been wanting to for so long!

This Mastermind is FOR YOU if you’re ready to finally hit those $3-5k months, to create FREEDOM in your business AND in your life, and are ready to step into the leader I already KNOW you are!

Imagine If:

  • You got to wake up each day on YOUR schedule doing something you LOVE
  • You were making that consistent 4-figure cash you’ve been dreaming of to build the life you love
  • You finally didn’t have that crappy commute to worry about
  • You got to walk your kids to the bus or school each morning and pick them up at the end of the day?
  • You could finally do the things YOU want to do with your life and with your family without anything stopping you!
  • You were making a HUGE impact on other’s lives (not to mention your own)
  • You were showing up CONFIDENTLY as that badass leader you are

Don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what my clients have to say:

Bre has been amazing to work with! Her accountability is second to none! She is incredibly supportive when you need her and so reliable. Bre knows exactly when I need a push! She also has an amazing knack for digging in to your intuition and guiding you in the right direction! Her soul and strategy together really bring out the best in you! You won’t be disappointed when investing in to Bre.

-Ceci Washington

Having Bre as my biz bestie has been a game changer, not just for my business but for my life. Having that incredible and dedicated support as I built my business has made the difference between whether I even continued in business or not. Her friendship and empathy was equally matched with her skill, knowledge and ass kickingness!

If anyone knows how to build a community of knowledge and unwavering support then Bre is the one to do it.

-Aisling Robinson



I want you to understand that this isn’t your average business Mastermind and I’m not your “average” coach.

You don’t have to worry about having hardly any access to me and passing you off to other coaches.

You’re investing in ME and you’re investing in a new community of like-minded women (your Mastermind sisters!) who you can also learn from.

Through the 1:1 support & the group support, this mastermind is EPIC!

I am a business coach with ICF certified coach training which means you’re not only getting access to my mentorship throughout the mastermind, but you’re also getting a QUALIFIED coach to ensure you’re getting the best support possible throughout our entire 12 months together.

Trust me when I say, you’re gonna walk away as a stronger business owner and woman with more confidence & clarity in your business than ever before.

And those 3-5k months? They’re 100% available for you and this Mastermind is gonna help you achieve them.


2 45-60 min 1 on 1 calls each month

Group Voxer chat to grow together and stay accountable, access to me daily this way

2 group calls per month (one is with me and one is with a guest expert

2 co-working group calls per month to put the things you’re learning into action

Client board for content review and resources that is private to you and I



JANUARY – Instagram Foundations (ideal client and market research)

FEBRUARY – Sales Mindset

MARCH – Branding and Design

APRIL – Engagement Training

MAY – Selling in the DMs

JUNE – Soulful Strategy and Flow

JULY – Building Relationships

AUGUST – Nurturing Your Audience

SEPTEMBER – Content and Captions

OCTOBER – Leadership and Authority

NOVEMBER – Building Out a Product Suite

DECEMBER – Systems and Automation Tools


$7,000 USD paid in full or 12 monthly payments of $650 USD.

*Extended payment plans available on a per person basis.