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Join us in a community with others just like you….

and find support and healing from spiritual toxicity

Hey! I’m Bre

Your resident Soul Connection Coach – I’m SO freaking grateful you found my little corner of the internet!

When I left the Christian cult I grew up in for the last time 10 years ago, I had no plans to ever ascribe to any faith.


I had spent pretty much my entire life (since I was 6 or 7) in that church & community, and all I knew about faith and God was what I had been brainwashed to believe – he was vindictive, unapproachable and to be feared.


I honestly don’t think I’d ever had my own personal spiritual connection to God that didn’t feel like I was just trying to walk the straight and narrow line that I had been told was “THE WAY”.


I was able to begin healing through a lot of inner personal work on my own, through therapy and life coaches and by being committed to doing the work even when it was SUPER uncomfortable. Sooo many times I’ve wondered if I’d ever “get there” while I was screaming into pillows and crying all the tears it is possible to have.


However, I KNOW this is possible for you, because I’ve been able to do it and I want to help you do it in an even shorter period of time than I did.  Working through the past religious/toxic Christianity blocks will enable you to lead a fuller life – strong relationships, financial freedom, thriving emotional and physical health – while enjoying the freedom you never got to have while growing up!