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Soulful Sales Relationships is a 4-week high vibe group program committed to helping you build a dedicated community of superfans on Instagram who hang onto your every word and jump at every offer you create, all by learning to nail your relationship building + content strategy!


This is for you if you’re so ready to convert clients with EASE and build relationships in a way that actually feels good! If you want to connect with your audience in an AUTHENTIC way that grows trust and sales in your business, you’ve found the program you need to join.



Are you feeling like:


You’re putting out content and getting crickets back?


You’re frustrated because you feel you’re putting in the work and don’t have ideal clients following you?


You’re scared of or unsure how to use stories or the DMs properly and don’t want to appear spammy?


You KNOW you can help more people but are LOST on how!

When I first started building a business on Instagram, I felt like I’d NEVER get people talking to me.  I had no idea why whatever I was doing on the platform, was NOT yielding me the results I wanted – waking up to DMs from my leads, content that actually made people wanna take action and relationships that led to sales and growing my biz with people I actually wanted to work with!

I didn’t know how to attract more people to follow me on IG, but not just that, I didn’t know how I could get them to buy from me! Does this sound familiar?

Soulful Sales Relationships is exactly the program I wish I would have had when I was first learning how to navigate IG and build relationships that led to a full inbox, connections that lit me up, service that led to sales and a mindset that knew exactly what I had to offer and felt confident in my own values. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on whatever everyone else was doing and just focused on things like growing real relationships with people and showing up authentically which brings sales.  These are the things you can expect to learn in Soulful Sales Relationships group program!

Soulful Sales Relationships is the group program that is going to leave you with the tools and knowledge you need to feel confident in your relationship building expertise and start making sales….and have people in your DMs begging to work with you before you even launch!

Imagine If:

  • You woke up every day to an inbox full of DMs from REAL ideal clients who need what you have to offer
  • You were creating content that actually spoke to and encouraged engagement and action from your leads
  • You had resources at your fingertips that helped you craft captions that speak to the soul of your ideal client and done-for-you scripts to help you show up as a leader in all of your sales conversations
  • You had a strong AF mindset when it comes to sales, no longer doubting your brilliance and genius when you show up to make sales

Sign up TODAY for Soulful Sales Relationships!

Don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what my clients have to say:

Bre has been amazing to work with! Her accountability is second to none! She is incredibly supportive when you need her and so reliable. Bre knows exactly when I need a push! She also has an amazing knack for digging in to your intuition and guiding you in the right direction! Her soul and strategy together really bring out the best in you! You won’t be disappointed when investing in to Bre.

-Ceci Washington

Having Bre as my biz bestie has been a game changer, not just for my business but for my life. Having that incredible and dedicated support as I built my business has made the difference between whether I even continued in business or not. Her friendship and empathy was equally matched with her skill, knowledge and ass kickingness!

If anyone knows how to build a community of knowledge and unwavering support then Bre is the one to do it.

-Lizzie Emery

Hey! I’m Bre, and I created Soulful Sales Relationships (SSR) because I know how difficult it can be to truly crush it on Instagram and build authentic relationships that lead to sales.  I know it can be so hard when you are feeling confused and lost, not knowing how, where and when to show up.  I know that you sometimes feel like nobody is listening.  I know what it feels like to feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to sales mindset, content that converts and relationships that turn into sales!

This is exactly the program I wish I would have had when I was first learning how to navigate IG and market my business by building relationships. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on what everyone else was doing or saying or having a million followers.  Honestly none of that matters but PEOPLE do and that’s why I’m  focused on relationships and being myself.

My mission is to help as many women as I can escape the overwhelm and not worry so much about the algorithm and vanity metrics. I want to help them start making real connections and growing their business even with a small audience. I want to give them the support and accountability we are all craving!

Join today for as low as $160 for your first payment!

This is a 4-week group program which gives you weekly calls on content that converts and building relationships with your current audience and new people, a bonus training on sales mindset, a private FB community for that support and accountability during the program (lifetime access), plus resources to help you nail those sales conversations and copy and paste caption formulas so you can hook your audience and get them to take action every single time!

The Breakdown


  • 4 Weekly Group Calls

    Each week we will meet on Zoom to learn about building relationships with new or current people on IG as well as diving in depth into both video and written content that CONVERTS to sales.

  • Private Facebook Community

    A private FB group for support and accountability during the program, as well as a place to ask questions/receive answers and find all the resources and recorded trainings throughout the program (lifetime access).

  • Bonus Sales Mindset Training

    As part of the program, you’ll receive a prerecorded training on the mindset behind making sales on IG but also just in general, making sales easy AF plus organic/authentic. STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK!

  • Bonus Resources

    You are going to get sales and DM scripts to make having those sales convos easy and authentic! And you’re gonna get caption templates and outlines so you never have to struggle with how to write a caption or have a sales convo again.

Just in case you’re not convinced yet:

Want Even More Support?


Includes 4 weeks of Voxer access directly to Bre and a 1:1 call anytime throughout the program

starting as low as only $260 for your first payment